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BIG lot of lenses, loupes and parts

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offering a BIG lot of lenses, focusing loupes and other parts. most of this stuff is complete but lacks something, like flange, or the aperture is stuck. some are also non functional and useable only for parts. the two small projection petzval are complete btw. the Taylor Hobsen lens lacks the rear element and so on.

the set also includes a lot i offered before:

1 x Goerz Doppelanastigmat Dagor 240mm F6.8 which will cover at least 8x10 and probably more. lens is good condition, there is a dent on the front ring, which doesnt affect the usability. The main problem here is that the aperture is stuck at the moment. I didnt open the lens, but i can see the aperture blades inside beeing out of order. I guess they re still there but i wont guarantee if they are complete or working. If the aperture could be repaired, that lens alone would be worth more then the complete set x 2.

1 x Schulze & Billerbeck Series Va Euryplan 150mm F4.5. Its a 4 element Tessar type lens, that will cover 4x5 for sure, maybe even 5x7. Aperture works fine, also comes with a flange. The problem here is that the glass shows somekind of net structure. I wasnt able to open it, so it might be cleaned, or not. Still tested in this condition the lens performed quite well on the groundglass, the image was clear.
1 x Steinheil Doppelanastigmat Unofocal F4.5 135mm. This lens is lacking the rear element cell and is therefor incomplete. The good part is, the aperture is working.
1 x Rodenstock Apo-Gerogon 360mm F9. This lens lacks also lacks the rear cell, but its useable this way. The front cell can be used alone and should have a focal lengh of 720mm covering well 20"x20" images at F18. Aperture is tough but working.

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