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Carl Zeiss 'Fliegertruppe' Triplet 500mm F4.8

€500.00 EUR

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This is a very massive lens made by the most known german company Carl Zeiss. This specimen features a focal lenght of 500mm (or 19 3/4") which is impressive on its own, but the most interesting spec is that it also offers a max. aperture of F4.8! The image circle of this beast is gigantic and almost 50cm in diameter. It will work as a long portrait lens up to 11x14 formats with some falloff in sharpness towards the edges. I wouldnt recommend it, but you might even be able to use it on 14x17 portraits if you can live with some light falloff on the edges.

The lens is a prewar lens and made for the 'Fliegertruppe' which means it was meant for the german air reconnaissance.

The condition of the lens is quite good. The metall comes in a nice shape, showing no obvious damage. The glass is in a ok condition, showing some cleaning marks and also 2-3 hairline small scratches on the front. Otherwise the glass is clear and shows no haze and no fungus. The lens features a working iris aperture which is moving from F4.8 up to F18.

The lens comes with a fitting flange.

height: 18cm
width: 12cm
weight: 2100gr

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Worldwide - 60 eur

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