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Carl Zeiss Triplet 500mm F4.8 ULF

€750.00 EUR

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This is a very massive lens made by the most known german company Carl Zeiss. This specimen features a focal lenght of 500mm (or 19 3/4") which is impressive on its own, but the most interesting spec is that it also offers a max. aperture of F4.8!

This is not the military aircraft version, which has a light Tele design, this is the more interesting civilian version, which offers a wider angle of imaging and therefor a larger image circle. It will work as a long portrait lens up to 11x14 formats with some falloff in sharpness towards the edges. You might even be able to use it on 14x17 portraits.

The condition of the lens is really good. The metall comes in a nice shape, showing no obvious damage. The glass is in a great condition also, it was probably coated when manufactured, but most of the coating was removed at some point, only minimal remains can be spotted. Thats actually a good sign, that way its much more interesting for wet plate photography. The lens features a working iris aperture which is moving from F4.8 up to F45.

The lens comes with a fitting flange.

height: 15cm
width: 12cm
weight: 2100gr

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Germany - 10 eur
EU* - 25 eur
Worldwide - 70 eur

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