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Improved Seneca 8.5x6.5 Fullplate Field Camera

€600.00 EUR

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History: The US made field cameras of the early 1900ies are probably the best cameras for field work that i encountered so far. In the past i did restore mostly those for wetplate use. They offer great movement abilitys, good stability and the most important part: an international rotating back, which takes standard plateholders (Linhof, Lisco...)

This Improved Seneca Field is a really nice example of those cameras, especially since it comes in a nice Nickel & black finish combination. As some might already know, i almost stopped restoring cameras about two years ago, but from time to time i also do find a nice specimen which doesnt take much restoration work. This is one of those rare finds. Most of the work was cleaning properly the black laquere and nickel parts and installing brand new bellows.

Condition: This specimen comes in a rarelly good condition. It seems it was stored well, the only real part that needed much attention were the bellows, which are brand new now. Mechanicaly everything works here. The nickel plated brass looks gorgeous and also the wood seems to feature a good laquere protection. Still, you have to remember, that this camera is almost 100 years old, it will have some small amount of 'non perfection' to it, but the historic part of this is also what makes is special.

The Seneca comes the original rotating back, which allows landscape and portraiture work. It comes with the original (still mint) 8.5"x6.5" plateholder, which was designed for dry plate use. It features a reducing frame to 5x7 and could easily be transformed for wetplate use.

Camera comes with the original extension rail, which offers a maximum extension of up to 24" (or about 600mm).

The setup also offers a pre drilled board. If you buy a lens form my collection for this camera i can adapt the lens to it for free and combine shipping costs.

Insured and tracked shipping cost:

Germany - 10 eur
EU* - 60 eur
Worldwide - 100 eur

*(the site offers only 2 shipping variations, DE and worldwide. buyers from EU please either contact me beforehand for a reduced EU cost, or after buying so i can send a refund over the difference)

Importent Note: This item comes from my private collection and is around 100 years old (antique). I try my best to describe all the faults and major damage which are relevant for the function of this item. But the actuall item can show signs of wear and also some cosmetic blemishes/damage which is not described in the auction text! When buying this item the buyer agrees to this terms.

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