Where are you located? How long does shipping take?

Most time of the year im located in mid region of Germany. I ship usually at least 2-3 times a week. A paid item should be on its way withing 1-2 days (unless its weekend+holidays). I shipp only insured and tracked, and i will provide the tracking information to the buyer as soon as i have it via mail.

Estimated shipping times are:

Germany:  1-3 days
Europe: 3-14 days
Rest of World: 1 week - 4 weeks

Most of the time DHL works fine (about 95%), but they are not perfect. Rarely(!) i had delays lasting up to 6 weeks. Dont panic if your tracking stops for a week or so (especially USA and Asia), that just means the package is on a container shipp and the tracking will start to move again, once the container/package cleared your countries customs.

Is my transaction / buy procedure secure?

The Transactions on this sites are carried out by the implemented Paypal payment method. This guarantees that the process is secure for both sides (buyer and seller) during the complete transaction.

What kind of payment methods do you offer?

I offer mainly 3 payment methods:
1. The standard paypal payment implemented on this site
2. Paypal friends & family (contact me via email for this option)
3. Bank transfer (contact me via email for this option)

Why did you leave the ebay site?

Ebay is a fine patform and made it possible for me to reach many people around the world. I have sold antique lenses all across the world during the last five years. Still it always also had a downside (not to mention the fees), and the downside kept growing bigger and bigger in the last two years. Thats why i have decided to move my collection to a dedicated place.

Do you pack the items safe enaugh?

As mentioned before i shipped fragile camera and lens equipment all across the five continents in the last couple of years. I succesfully shipped to countries like New Zealand, Columbia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico and many many more. Take my word for it, i will pack your item(s) well and secure, so they reach their destination. And dont forget, in any case, you as a buyer have the full Paypal protection if something should happen to your goods.

What shipping methods do you offer?

My standard and most trusted shipping option is DHL. My success rate with them is about 95%. They offer the best price / performance out there.

Can you shipp my item not directly to me, but to a different location?

I can shipp the item to any location you wish, there is only one very important detail(!) you have to make sure: if you use the standard Paypal payment method implemented on this site, i can only shipp to the location that Paypal provides me! So if you want me to shipp to a different location, you either have to change that in your Paypal system before paying, or you have to use the Bank transfer or Paypal friends & family payment method (contact me for that).

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