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Hermagis Aplanastigmat No 6 (Dagor) 270mm F6.8

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Here you see a quite impressive little lens made by the famous french company Hermagis. This specimen features the well known Doppel Anastigmat layout, which also was marketed by Goerz under the name 'Dagor'. The focal lenght is 270mm (or 10 1/2") at a max. aperture of F6.8. The image circle of this beast is gigantic and almost 40cm in diameter. It will work as a landscape/still life lens for 8x10 up to 12"x15" formats.

The Doppelanastigmat is a very well corrected and super sharp lens design, which was highly praised in the early days of photography.

The condition of the lens is quite good. The brass is protected by a golden laquere which is mostly intact. The glass is in a overall ok condition, there are some spots of seperation in front and at the edge in the rear. Overall its still mild and wont affect image quality at all. There is no haze and no fungus. The aperture is moving freely from F6.8 up to F56

The lens comes with the original flange.

height: 6cm
width: 6cm
weight: 450gr

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