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Ica 8x10 wooden field camera

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History: The Ica Dresden view cameras are rather less known take on the late field camera design. Like the US made cameras before it, this camera offers the perfect balance between stability, weight and flexibility. It offers most of the available movements you might need outdoor, and also for indoor portraiture work.

Condition: This specimen comes in a really great and authentic condition. It seems it was stored away safely for quite some time. The nickel covered brass parts look very good for most part, also the the wood and the laquere are mostly intact. The camera comes with its original bellows which are flexible and light tight and can be extended up to aprox. 55cm. It also features the original 18x24 back back, which can be rotated (portrait and landscape format).

The front offers rise&fall, and a little of swing, while the rear offers swing/tilt. Focusing works nicely in the rear.  A very well made camera which doesnt reach the quality level of a Tachihara or Deardorff, but isnt to far from that. Considering it costs only a fraction of those makers, its a hell of a deal. 

The camera comes with a drilled lensboard. If you buy a lens form my collection for this camera i can adapt the lens to it for free and combine shipping costs.

Camera comes with 3 fitting 18x24 plateholders (two of those also offer 13x18 reducers), which where intended for dry plates, but can be transformed into wetplate holders without much work.

Also interesting, the front offers quite some space horizontally, so this camera might be adapted to stereo photography with some work.

Insured and tracked shipping cost:

Germany - 10 eur
EU* - 25 eur
Worldwide - 60 eur

*(the site offers only 2 shipping variations, DE and worldwide. buyers from EU please either contact me beforehand for a reduced EU cost, or after buying so i can send a refund over the difference)

Importent Note: This item comes from my private collection and is around 100 years old (antique). I try my best to describe all the faults and major damage which are relevant for the function of this item. But the actuall item can show signs of wear and also some cosmetic blemishes/damage which is not described in the auction text! When buying this item the buyer agrees to this terms.

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