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Nickel plated Petzval 300mm F3.8

€900.00 EUR

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History: A very interesting Portrait petzval for the 5x7 and 8x10 format. The lens doesnt feature an engraving or any other marks. I dont think its an early lens, so this might be laterna magica lens, which was refunctioned at some point. The very interesting thing with this lens is the fact that its Nickel coated. A chemical procedure which was used to preserve brass from oxidation. This proccess was difficult and expensive thats why it might contradict the laterna magica theory. The other possibility is that it was a special order from some of the smaller makers.

Condition: the lens is in very nice and authentic condition. The Nickel coating is still intact in most parts. The rack & pinion is comple and working. The glass is in a good condition the front element is very clean and super clear, the rear shows some minor scuffing and light cleaning marks, both wont affect the image quality in the slightest. All in all i tested this baby on the ground glass it showed a nice and sharp center image, and also quite some exceptionell petzval character quite early into the image circle.

This lens has about 300mm focal lenght (12") and an open aperture of F3.8. It will work best for 5x7 and 8x10 format with a nice petzval character especially at portrait distance.

Bonus: the lens is quite compact and lightweight for its FL, it might be a good companion for field work.

Lens comes with a fitting flange.

height: 17cm
width: 8cm
weight: 1100gr

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Germany - 10 eur
EU* - 20 eur
Worldwide - 50 eur

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