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Scovill special 14x17 Studio Camera + stand

€2200.00 EUR

Very important: this item is sold for pick up only, or a you can arrange a transportation to your location on your own!

Selling a very special ULF 14x17 camera that i had restored for my own use two years ago. its not a retrofitted proccess camera but a dedicated wet plate camera! it offers many movements on the back, and also the authentic 14x17 wet plate holder, that came with it (all i did was to replace the missing slide). it comes with an interesting history too.

actually made by the American Optical Company (which was owned by Scovill by then), it was a gift to the german Liesegang Company in Düsseldorf. there is a plate on the front, which tells that story. thats also part of the reasons i kept it back then for my own use. the Scovill company sold cameras under the brand American C. untill 1889, so this camera has to be older then that. also, Scoville sold cameras under their own name, though the rumor is, they had a less refined quality then the ones they sold under the American brand.

as for functionality: the plateholder has glass inserts in the corners (which in my opinion also confirms that it was liekly used for wet plate pictures), which will take plates of 14x17 (actually it is 36cm x 43.5cm). there is also an inlay for 30cm x 40cm plates which can be placed in landscape and portrait mode. the rear standard offers quite some moves and a very refined and quick working slide focusing mechanism (which i like evne more then the usually turning the knob mechanism).

the studio stand is not original and came from a germany camera. its super sturdy and holds the weight of the camera perfectly. it offers up and down movements.

why do i consider giving it away now, after more then two years? well, i never actually came to use it. everytime i had the option i still used my first 12x15 camera, which is just slightly smaller, but i kinda used to it. its a shame to have both cameras sit around, and only one beeing ever used.

shippping this camera is kinda impossible, because of the studio stand. so there is only the option of picking it up here in Düsseldorf, Germany or using a carrier which will be able to pick it up. there is also the option of the ECW as a pick up point, just a thought.

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