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Taylor Hobson Cooke ULF lens 1007mm F15

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This massive ULF lens was made by the famous Taylor Hobson Cooke makers (the same makers that made the Cooke Knuckler portrait lens).

This specimen features an impressive focal lenght of 42" (or 1007mm) at a max. aperture of F15. The image circle of this beast is gigantic, almost 2m wide open, more if stopped down. It will work very well for Ultra Large Format projects with formats up to 60"x60" and larger! You might even try to shoot a 1:1 body portrait.

The lens design offers a well corrected image throughout the image field, not only the center.

The condition of the lens is quite good. The golden laquere shows some wear but also an authentic patina. The most important thing: the glass is still in a good condition, there are some cleaning marks and tiny specs but besides that its absolutely clear. The lens features an iris aperture that is still fully working.

The lens comes with a fitting flange.

height: 20cm
width: 12cm
weight: 5500gr

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