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Voigtländer Euryscop No 7 Series IV

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The Voigtländer & Sohn Extra Rapid Euryscope Series IV No 7. This lens comes with a focal lenght of 25.8" (or 655mm) and a starting aperture of F6. According to the catalouge it could be used wide open up to 20"x20" and up to 24"x24". In reality it will cover even more.

A masterpiece of german lens making from the early 1880ies. The Voigtländer Extra Rapid Euryscop offers the best of the 2 worlds, its well corrected (way more then the petzval design), but also offers a quite high open aperture of F5.6 (way faster then the stadard aplanat). The series number is 45.393, which dates it back to the early 1890ies.

Condition: The lens is in absolute collectors condition. The brass shows some character and was not polished, overall it shows a fine patina. The glass is in great condition, it shows only minimal cleaning marks and a couple of fine specs in the front, otherwise it is really clear and free of haze or fungus. A stunning beauty from 1890ies which you wont find very often, if at all, on the market.

The lens comes with its original flange.

Height: 20cm
Width: 13cm
Weight: 3000gr

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