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Voigtländer Euryscope (pre) Series IV No 5

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The Voigtländer & Sohn Extra Rapid Euryscope (pre) Series IV No 4. This lens comes with a focal lenght of 17 1/2" (or 450mm) and a starting aperture of F6. According to the catalouge it could be up to 14"x17". In reality it will cover even more.

A masterpiece of german lens making from the late 1870ies. The Voigtländer Extra Rapid Euryscop offers the best of the two worlds, its well corrected (way more then the petzval design), but also offers a quite high open aperture of F6 (way faster then the stadard aplanat). The (pre) means that it is one of the early runs of Voigtländer, in this period the lenses were not engraved with the name 'Euryscope' (which was added later), but only with a number. It is said that the pre Series versions are slightly faster in wide open, somewhere around F5.6!

The series number is 23.285, which dates it back to the year 1878.

Condition: The condition of the lens is good. The brass shows an authentic patina and was not polished. There is some character and signs of wear, still everything is functional. The glass is in a really good condition, there are only minimal cleaning marks like with most authentic lenses from that age. There is no haze, fungus or seperation there.

The lens comes with a fitting flange.

Height: 14cm
Width: 10cm
Weight: 1500gr

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Worldwide - 70 eur

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